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Welcome to Green Mile

Our recycling company in Mandeni is dedicated to making a positive environmental impact by collecting and processing plastic materials. 

Why Recycle

The growing trend of increased recycling by individuals and communities is having a significant positive impact on our environment. This collective effort effectively reduces the demand for landfills and other costly disposal methods. Furthermore, recycling plays a crucial role in diminishing the necessity for resource extraction, including mining, quarrying, and logging. By repurposing materials, we can minimize the environmental footprint associated with the refining and processing of raw materials, which often leads to substantial air and water pollution. In essence, recycling represents a vital step towards a more sustainable and eco-friendly future.

Green Mile actively purchase and collect plastic waste from various sources, ensuring that it is effectively cleaned, washed, and screened to meet high-quality standards. Once the plastic is meticulously processed, we meticulously package it for resale to our valued customers and clients. Our commitment to sustainability and reducing plastic waste not only benefits our environment but also supports the circular economy, providing businesses and individuals with a responsible and eco-friendly source of plastic materials. We take pride in contributing to a cleaner, greener future while promoting the importance of recycling in our community.

Our Process




We collect plastic and also purchase from our small-time recycler partners.

Following collection, we meticulously sort the plastic according to grades and colors before embarking on a thorough cleaning process.

After the sorting and cleaning processes, we proceed with efficient packaging and timely transportation of the processed plastic to our customers, actively contributing to environmental sustainability.

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